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Interlock Elevation Window Control Accessories

The Elevation Window Control System can be configured to reflect the unique layout of your home. Zones, such as kitchen, hall or bedroom can be set up, providing you with flexibility when deciding which windows you would like open, half open, closed or in a venting position.The Elevation is the perfect solution for hard to reach windows. Wide windows are also easily catered for with the installation of a pair of synced actuators that work together to ensure smooth movement and a tight window seal when closed.Alternatively you can also choose to control your windows with a standard wall switch or via any 3rd party Cbus or Building management system 4.

The Elevation allows for a generous window opening, but can be easily restricted to prevent contact with external objects or eliminate the risk of young children falling. Add a rain sensor to your Elevation system and your windows will automatically close if rain is detected.

Ultimate Control is only one touch away with the option to close all windows at once when leaving the house, or locking up for the night.

The Interlock Elevation Network Adaptor has been designed so you can connect Interlock Elevation Actuators to a 3rd party wall switch or home automation system.This flexibility allows connection to virtually any system or switch. The Interlock Elevation Network Adaptor can be placed anywhere on the network, and provide the interface between standard wall switches or Interlock Elevation Rain Sensors to the Interlock Elevation Actuators.

  • One is required for a pair of standard wall switches
  • None are required for keypad network
  • Each Interlock Elevation Rain Sensor will require an Interlock Elevation Network Adaptor
  • A maximum of 4 per network are allowed
  • Can be placed anywhere on the network
  • Must be installed internally eg in a roof or wall cavity
  • Dimensions 58mm (H) x 43mm (W) x 17mm (D)
  • Durable PVC
  • Voltage 12-24vdc
  • Current 50ma
  • Environment operational Temperature 0° to +60°
  • Humidity 90% @ 35°C
  • Input 2 x Potential Free (1 x Open 1 x Close)
  • Output CAN bus Data (white + brown)
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